CuNim Gliding Club



Black Diamond / Cu Nim Aerodrome (CEH2)

REF: N50 43 19 W114 01 44
Radio: 123.4MHz
Club House: 403-938-2796
Flight booking: 403-200-2470

Our regular base of operations is the Black Diamond/ Cu Nim aerodrome.It is located 3NM (5km), NE of the town of Black Diamond, in foothills of southern Alberta, Canada. Visitors Are Always Welcome!

 If you are driving from Calgary, the aerodrome is approximately 35 minutes from the southern city limits. Two common routes are marked on the map and described in detail below. On days we are operating, feel free to contact us on the hangar telephone. If you don't get an answer, try again in 30 seconds. We're not always close enough to get to the phone.

To contact us off the airfield

Mailing Address:
Cu Nim Gliding Club
Site 11, Box 17, RR1
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
T1S 1A1

- via Okotoks
Take Highways 2 and 2A South to the town of Okotoks. Stay on Highway 2A (heading South), all the way through the town (several sets of lights). Approximetly 1km South of Okotoks, at the first set of lights, turn West (right), on Highway 7. Proceed West on Highway 7 for 18km to 128th street. Watch for the sign to Cu Nim. Head North (right turn), on 128th Street for 2km. The airfield is on the right hand side.

 - via Turner Valley
Take Highway 22X West to the Highway 22 turnoff. Head south (left turn), on Highway 22 to Turner Valley. At the 4 way stop in Turner Valley turn left (East), following Highway 22 to Black Diamond. Proceed straight at the 4 way stop in Black Diamond onto Highway 7. Just past Black Diamond, Highway 7 S-turns abruptly left and then right. Watch for the sign at the second left turn (North), past the S-turn, at 128th Street. Head North on 128th Street for 2km. The airfield is on the right hand side.



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