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Information for pilots of powered aircraft operating around Cu Nim 

  • When overflying, please avoid the CYA 263(S) Advisory Airspace when operations are underway. The possibly many, small, difficult to see sailplanes will have erratic flight patterns. Please attempt to contact us on radio frequency 123.4 MHz to determine if we are operating.
  • Powered aircraft are welcome to utilize the Cu Nim airfield at their own risk. The runways are grass and have irregular surfaces, with badgers making large holes in inopportune locations (backfilled by Cu Nim club members on a regular basis during the flying season). Please contact us at 123.4 MHz well in advance of landing.
  • Runway 07/25 is the preferred runway for most Cu Nim operations and will generally be in better condition than 14/32.
  • Runway 07/25 is of length 3000 ft and width 300 feet. Runway 14/32 is of length 2300 ft and width 200 feet. Runway 25 has a slight upgrade, as does runway 32