What is Gliding? PDF Print E-mail
A glider is a highly efficient unpowered aircraft. The efficiency is loosely measured by the "glide ratio": how far the glider flies forward for every foot it descends in still air. Cu Nim has three types of gliders available for club members. Our ASK-21 has a glide ratio of 34:1 and our DG1000 approximately 44:1. The single seat fiberglass planes have glide ratios of 38:1 (Jantar Standard 2) and 40:1 (DG303).

What is gliding versus. soaring?

Gliding is descending towards the ground in still air. Early training involves a lot of gliding as you learn to control the aircraft in smooth air. Soaring is using lift from up drafts to climb and extend your flight. Soaring requires skill, experience and judgment, and the constantly changing weather presents a challenge to even the most experienced pilots.