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Q. How much does an introductory flight cost?

A. The cost is $175 (inclusive of GST). We normally aero tow the gliders to 2000 feet above ground for student instructional flights. To give Introductory Flight recipients more time to enjoy the experience, we aero tow to 3000 feet above ground.


Q. When can I take a flight?

A. We typically do Introductory Flights on Thursdays and Fridays afternoons and Saturday or Sunday mornings or evenings, using the same two-person training aircraft and volunteer instructors that we use for student pilot instruction

We strongly recommend that you contact the Intro Flight Coordinator via e-mail, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   to schedule a day that suits you.  Priority goes to those who have scheduled, and depending on the number scheduled we will arrange for extra instructors and tow pilots to accommodate as many as we can.  Occasionally the weather doesn't cooperate, in which case we simply reschedule.


Q. How long does the flight last?

A. A gliding flight after aero tow to 3000 feet will last about 25 minutes (give or take about 5 minutes).


Q. Can I fly any part of the flight?

A. If you would like to, yes. Once the aero tow is completed, your pilot can essentially give you the first lesson that is given to our new students. The front and rear seating positions in the gliders have identical flight controls and instrumentation. You'll be able to fly a considerable portion of the flight until the pilot takes over again for the landing. If you'd just like to enjoy the scenery, that's quite alright too.


Q. What are the qualifications of the pilot?

A. At Cu Nim, we only allow licensed experienced gliding pilots to fly introductory flights.


Q. Will I need to wear extra clothing on the flight?

A. No. The air temperature at the highest altitude for an introductory flight is similar to that on the ground. You'll be comfortable wearing what you're wearing while waiting for your flight. In fact, you may be warmer in the air than on the ground (you'll be out of the wind and if it's sunny it can get pretty warm in the cockpit).  


Q. What other items should I bring on the flight?

A.  If it's sunny, a hat will make it easier for you to see. Keep in mind that the canopy is fairly close, so a wide-brimmed sunhat is not the best choice. Even the peak on a baseball cap can be in the way sometimes. Definitely bring your camera!


Q. Is there a weight limitation for flying in a glider?

A. Yes. Weight distribution in the gliders is EXTREMELY important to ensure operation of the aircraft within its design limits. Your pilot will probably ask you to step on the scales that we have at the field so that she/he can confirm that your combined weights are within the limits.   The maximum weight for the front seat passenger depends on the weight of the rear seat pilot. For example, with the new ASK 21 we can accommodate a 240 lb. passenger.


Q. How do I pay for the flight?

A. We take Visa / Master Card as well as Interac.


Q. Can I obtain a gift certificate?

A. Yes. Please send a cheque made out to the "Cu Nim Gliding Club" to the Intro Flight Coordinator. We'll send out the gift certificate by return mail.